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Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Job Description:

The Portfolio Management team is responsible for the implementation of the Company investment strategy. They ensure portfolios under management continually pursue the targeted premiums, create and execute, and assist clients to understand the Company’s investment practices.


As a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, you will cover all aspects of managing fixed income investment portfolios and working towards independently monitor portfolio characteristics and maintain portfolio structure following the process-driven approach of the firm.

The role also involves project work focused on making the investment process as efficient as possible and improving where and how we can invest.

On a daily basis, Portfolio Managers:

• Lead the active management of Russian fixed income portfolios (local and Eurobond)

• Maintain portfolio, involving tasks such as issuing buy and sell trades, forward foreign currency orders, and evaluating securities’ liquidity

• Identify buys and sells in a systematic manner

• Design and execute effectively on investment strategies

• Prepare investment performance report

• Determine of absolute and relative valuations of investment securities in portfolios under management

• Integrate of both global macro and market valuation into a well-defined investment view, rationale, strategy and portfolio construction

• Manage accounts according to specific client investment objectives and constraints including idea generation; the execution and the monitoring of the assets held in the portfolio to ensure maximization of portfolio performance; and through marketing efforts, make presentations to existing clients, prospective clients and referral sources

Qualifications required:

• Strong work ethic with high level of self-motivation

• Graduate degree or equivalent is required; CFA Charter, Advanced degree in mathematics, statistics, engineering, or computer science preferred

• One to three years of relevant investment experience

• At least one year of exposure to the fixed income securities market

Personal qualities:

• Strong understanding of cross-asset class relative value, bond mathematics, credit risk factors and implications for risk management

• Strong philosophical alignment with the Company investment strategy.

• Excellent security analysis experience

• Passion for investments and performance driven

• Excellent quantitative problem-solving and analytic skills

• Strong decision making abilities

• Enthusiastic and positive approach to market challenges

• Demonstrated interest in global capital markets, specifically with reference to interest rates and credit products

• Intellectual curiosity, strong communication and presentation skills, high attention to detail, and strong time-management skills

Interested candidates could forward their CV to Ivan Fomenko: ivan.v.fomenko@gmail.com.

Publication date 16.10.17

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