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Board and committees’ responsibilities

In March 2017, the new list of Board members and board officers was approved:

Board of Directors

Neil Withers, CFA, Consultant, President CFA Association Russia

Alexander Gorshenin, CFA, OJSC TPS Real Estate

Anton Shpuntov, CFA, Interros - Treasurer

Boris Tawakkoli, CFA, MosFirst LLC

Denis Sitnikov, CFA, Quantum Consulting

Dmitry Ryabykh, CFA, Alt-Invest Group

Ivan Belyaev, CFA, Sberbank CIB

Maria Kharlashkina, CFA, Moscow Exchange Group

Marina Shestakova, CFA, CAIA, Wermuth Asset Management

Natalya Kolupaeva, Raiffeisenbank (Raiffeisen Bank International AG)

Scott Rose, CFA, Bloomberg (Moscow)

Sofya Donets, CFA, Central Bank of Russia

Vladimir Potapov, CFA, JSC VTB Capital Asset management

Vladimir Tutkevich, CFA Association Russia, ex officio member of the Board


Chief Executive Officer

Vladimir A. Tutkevich

Phone:+7 (495) 764-3582

Email: VladimirT@cfarussia.ru

Board Officers


Neil Withers, CFA


Email: neilw@cfarussia.ru


Denis Sitnikov, CFA


Email: deniss@cfarussia.ru


Anton Shpuntov, CFA


Email: antons@cfarussia.ru


Sofya Donets, CFA


Email: sdonets@cfarussia.ru

Board Committees


The Media Relations Committee is responsible for the development of the proper communication between CFA Association Russia and the media with the focus on the promotion of the right image of CFA Institute in key Russian and foreign business news media.

Main responsibilities are to:

  • Monitor newswires and articles provided by CFA Institute and select the relevant topics of most interest for the Russian business media
  • Provide regular content to the targeted Russian business media and collect the feedback
  • Advise on and assist to relations between CFA Association Russia and the business media
  • Review all policy issues related to communications with media and propose any necessary changes to the Board


Natalia Kolupaeva, Raiffeisen Bank

Scott Rose, CFA, Bloomberg (Moscow)

CFA Association Russia. Ассоциация CFA (Россия) не занимается вопросами приема документов и сдачи экзаменов - это исключительная сфера Института CFA. По всем вопросам, связанным со сдачей экзаменов CFA (Levels I, II, III) просьба обращаться по адресу info@cfainstitute.org

mailto: info@cfarussia.ru

Please send correspondence to: Edelweiss Center, Block 1, 1st floor, 3 Davydkovskaya street, Moscow 121352 Russia

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